Ingress of indoor water areas is very common. Waterproofing your home ensures that the ground beneath it remains dry – a must for preventing damage. Whether you have a water or mould-related problem, we will provide a complete solution to protect against it happening again. Our indoor waterproofing methods are designed to make your home more valuable and attractive – an investment worth making.

GJK can provide a waterproofing service suited to almost any building or structure, from large commercial properties to small residential ones.

Is indoor waterproofing system required?

The indoor areas are continuously exposed to changing temperature in the atmosphere, waterproofing of indoor and outdoor waterproofing is the only solution to protect the building and structures. If the cracks or damages caused by temperature on the buildings are simply ignored that may result in greater risks to human life. Thus, waterproofing of rooftops, decking, pools/spas, swimming pool surrounding, walls, steps/stairs, parking area, and any other areas exposed to sunlight. 

Causes of indoor damage 

  • Either loosely packed or cracked or damaged, or missing tiles leave water entering the substrate and surrounding areas.
  • Waterproofing sometimes may get damaged or become ineffective during construction or installation of the inappropriate system, or unsuitable method of preparation of the system, poor installation, rapid change in atmospheric temperature, which lead to ingress of water indoor and outdoor area.

We are sure that all homes are water-infiltrated to some degree. Using our indoor waterproofing services in Sydney, our experts can prevent damage caused by water intrusion. Our reputation is based on quality, service, expertise and integrity. 

Our goal is to offer our customers the most innovative and durable waterproofing services in the industry. Each member of our knowledgeable and experienced staff will provide you with a world-class level of service and leave you with a finished product that is second to none, and most importantly, completely leakproof! That’s the GJK way!


To arrange an inspection or a quote for any indoor waterproofing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or an online enquiry form. Call GJK, the best indoor waterproofing in Sydney, now for a consultation!


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