GJK Bathroom Waterproofing Service Details

Bathroom is the central point of water for many issues, starting from leaks through the ceiling into the rooms below to mould, damp and even water getting into light fittings, which becomes troublesome.

Water becomes a highly destructive substance in a house or any structure, causing unexpected, unimaginable and severe issues if the substrate material is unsuitable.

In a house or in any structure, water becomes a highly destructive substance causing unexpected, unimaginable serious issues if the substrate material in not suitable. 

Our service includes transforming bathroom into a big shower enclosure, opening up space and offering a whole new realm of design and style options. Wet rooms require an extensive waterproofing regime that never allows water to escape. 

Bathroom waterproofing can protect your family’s health and belongings by eliminating water-related issues such as mould and mildew. Our bathroom waterproofing services will seal your bathroom and stop leaks and humidity from coming in and out.

The wet rooms in the downside are usually losing the bathtub, which many people are unwilling to do. People generally prefer to place the bath tub with a shower over it. 

Benefits of Waterproofing

  • Mould is a common problem caused by water that can get beneath the bathroom tiles that penetrate the wood, plaster or brick. The damages caused by moisture or water in wet places are severe as they are progressing invisibly. 
  • Waterproofing all the moist areas such as the bathroom, ceilings, or tanking will form a barrier between the top layer and the wall, keeping water away, restricting it to escape from either outside or inside. It works as an insulator and keeps the moist areas dry.
  • Waterproofing prevents leaks before they happen. We work with you to identify the areas that might be affected by water and offer solutions for keeping your home safe from damaging moisture.

Ways to waterproof your bathroom

We can waterproof the bathrooms in many ways. The effective method is tanking, which is converting the whole bathroom into a tank so that water cannot escape. It is an effective procedure to waterproof wall panels so that no water can escape.

A complete waterproof layer beneath the top layer of walls and floor must be layered to convert a room into a tank. We should purchase primer, tape and membrane from the stores and be applied with the help of a professional to tank our wet room or bathroom to ensure no vulnerable spots around the drain from the shower.

GJK is your trusted bathroom waterproofing contractor. We offer affordable bathroom waterproofing services that effectively deal with water problems in your bathrooms. We are committed to providing effective solutions for water issues in your home or office building.