The Foundation waterproofing of inaccessible areas such as basements, footings and retaining walls must be built to withstand for a long time.

GJK Waterproofing is the leading foundation waterproofing contractor in Sydney. Our products include foundation waterproofing, sealing concrete foundation, waterproofing foundation walls, and crawl space waterproofing.

GJK is one of the best foundations waterproofing contractors in Sydney. We have been in business for more than 25 years and use only the best techniques to ensure that your foundation waterproofing job is done right the first time.

The need of Foundation waterproofing 

Foundation waterproofing that is underground is crucial in any structure as the foundations support the whole aerial of part of a building or structure. The ignorance of watertight footings and foundations leads to the deterioration or collapse of the building structure either partially or entirely.

Some waterproofing techniques leave you vulnerable to lousy shifting soils, while others become deactivated over time, opening the door to water intrusion. GJK Foundation Waterproofing is different. It prevents moisture from penetrating your home without harming or altering the underlying soils. What does this mean for you? No sagging walls, no leaking basements, and durable protection for years to come.

  • Controlling water leakage within concrete causing the corrosion of steel is crucial. Thus, it is vital to keep the concrete dry and protect it to maintain structure and extend life.
  • Insufficient waterproofing allows water to penetrate anywhere in the building. Thus, all commercial and residential buildings must comply with foundation waterproofing.
  • The rapid increase of multi-store buildings and residential tower developments require long-term waterproofing solutions.

GJK Foundation waterproofing is the easiest way to save your basement or foundation from water damage. It can stop foundation leaks in less than two hours.

GJK’s foundation waterproofing services get to the cause of your leaky basement, wet crawl space or sagging floor by installing a specialized waterproofing membrane designed to block water from penetrating critical building components. We offer a wide range of solutions for any foundation problem.