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Specialist Balcony & Terrace Waterproofing Company in Sydney

Our highly experienced team of waterproofing contractors have the experience, skills and knowledge to provide water-tight protection for your balcony or terrace. Balcony, Terrace & Laundry are continuously exposed to the various elements irrespective of weather conditions.

The waterproof membrane used by GJK for Balcony & Terrace Waterproofing is an advanced, high-technology product. It has been subject to stringent independent laboratory testing before being recommended for commercial application. The waterproofing membrane complies with Australian Standards and the Total Quality Management System requirements of GJK.

Leaking balcony repairs and remediation

They are also prone to leakage of water. There are possibilities of water ingress if the waterproofing system is not properly installed to both balcony and terrace, which are completely unique to the atmosphere. Balcony, Terrace & Laundry need to be separated from the internal structure with the proper suitable drainage system, which can be done by modern waterproofing system even the old structure. 

Ingress of water in balcony, terrace & laundry is quite common, which is more dangerous and even some times leads to complete collapse of the total structure. Untreated water leaking in Balcony, Terrace & Laundry will become a life threat to residents. The risks closely related to water ingress are:

  • Water leakage near to electrical systems may lead to unexpected incidents
  • Collapse of balcony either partially or completely
  • Water leakage through the pores of concrete wall
  • Expected cost of fixing water leakage problems in balcony and terrace

Our waterproofing is ideal for balconies with a view to the pool, spa, ocean – any location where water can easily invade. Ring GJK Waterproofing now on 1300857847 to fix your balcony or terrace.