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Balconies rooftops, pools/spas, decking, pool surrounds, retaining walls, car parks, and planter boxes must be waterproofed.


The need for rooftop waterproofing

All the external areas of a building are directly exposed to high, low, or medium temperature and other natural stress related to weather resulting in leaks to external or internal areas and structures leading to safety risks. 

Reasons for outdoor water damage

Water penetrates the substrate and its surrounding if the tiles are loosely packed or cracked.

Failed waterproofing is nothing but damages caused to the tiles at the time of construction, poor preparation methods, incorrect procedure of installation, temperature changes in various weather conditions that increase the chance of water penetration causing moisture to the structure or building.

In the case of decade- or century-old buildings, chances of water leakage are more as lack of technology in the olden days. Thus, unprotected structures may experience damage due to the penetration of water. 

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