Whether the commercial building is located in a coastal region exposed to humidity or in an area that gets occasional rain, every commercial project can benefit from waterproofing. In fact, every building must be waterproofed for its long and healthy life. 

Waterproofing has proved essential in keeping commercial infrastructures shielded from the extreme temperature changes expected in the Australian climate.

Imagine a commercial complex with no waterproofing done, neither flashings nor sealants, no membranes on the roof and walls, no waterproofing around the windows.

We provide services with our waterproofing design specialists and waterproofing contractors for all types of construction for domestic and commercial structure waterproofing.

We offer extensive professional and commercial services in structural waterproofing, damp proofing, concrete repair, resin floors, G unite lining, epoxy resin repairs, wet & dry rot, and timber preservation for both commercial and domestic applications.

We provide guaranteed Waterproofing solutions designed to external & underground buildings.

Our damp proofing specialists help you to control surface penetration and water pressure by applying the appropriate waterproofing solutions especially traditional damp proofing and waterproofing in buildings such as cellars, basements, and under pavement vaults.

Our wealth of experience and superior knowledge of installing waterproofing systems comply with international standard.

Work With Expert Commercial Waterproofing Company in Sydney

GJK is a leading waterproofing specialist with a team of waterproofing contractors who have years of experience in carrying out waterproofing tasks for commercial structures.

  • GJK waterproofing solution can be applied over most substrates and will protect the substrate and the waterproofing from water and moisture.
  • Structural waterproofing is the primary defence, and we provide cost-effective guaranteed waterproofing systems.
  • GJK commercial waterproofing prevents water intrusion to areas of buildings that are supposed to stay dry and give you peace of mind.
  • Our customers are mainly leading architects and building contractors. We are committed to providing value-added services beyond the expectations of clients on every project.