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The thin layer is strong and also flexible to some extent allowing to suit to any type of plain surface and shape resisting to tear and stretchy enough to cover cracks.

Retaining walls Waterproofing 

Concept of retaining walls water proofing

Retaining walls water proofing is a unique method consisting of water-tight material placed over a surface as a thin layer to prevent or control water leakage from passing through it. The retaining walls waterproofing should be UV stable also if it is directly exposed to sunlight either permanently or seasonally.

Types of Retaining walls waterproofing

Our waterproofing experts recommend different types of methods suitable for the surface after detailed assessment and the expectation of the client.

Some of the commonly used types of waterproofing include the following:

  • Torch-on proofing
  • Application of Liquid proofing
  • Application of chemical solutions
  • Hypalon bandages
  • Polyurethane as sealants
  • Loose laid sheet membrane
  • Tanking