Waterproofing is the critical component, which plays a vital role in swimming pool construction.

Excellent Swimming pool waterproofing depends on the choice of waterproofing materials suitable for designing such as such as lighting, piping and drainage by professionals As water pressure is constant on all sides, it is important to ensure the swimming pool is waterproofed resulting in to maintain the structure.

Much attention must be given to the substrate to ensure the longevity of a swimming pools waterproofing system. A thorough careful routine checks to ensure the swimming pool is free from brittle parts or debris in any forms that could interrupt the linearity of the surfaces.

Installation of the waterproofing membrane system can be done by either by hand with trowels, brushes or rollers, or by the spray equipment. Spray equipment method is the effective method if the pool has a larger surface area with contours and features.

Concrete without waterproofing is not a viable solution

There is a misconception that that application of compressed concrete will not leak. Naturally, concrete is a porous substrate and thus chances of water penetrations for inlet and return lines, light fixtures, skimmer throats, cleaning systems, etc. Thus, maintaining water level is a challenge in swimming pool. Therefore, it is vital to seal the concrete shells to protect penetration of water from in and out.

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