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Safeguard Your Buildings With Professional Waterproofing in Granville, New South Wales

Looking for waterproofing services in Granville but don’t know where to look or trust? Well, with GJK Waterproofing Services, we got any and everything that you might be looking for. With our teams of dedicated waterproofing experts, we can give you waterproofing solutions in Granville in no time.
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Benefits Of Hiring In Waterproofing Contractors in Granville, NSW

Why should you have your building waterproofed by professional waterproofing contractors in Granville, may it be just some renovations or new construction, rather than your local waterproofing contractors? What are the benefits of hiring one rather than another unprofessional local waterproofer in Granville NSW? Having your place of business protected from any possible and foreseeable threats is just one of the few key characteristics that a good business owner should have and what better way to do so than with waterproofing solutions brought by professional and licensed waterproofing contractors? Down below are some other amazing reasons why you should always consider professionals first when deciding on having your building protected.

Protects Your Commercial Building

The main reason you should have your building waterproofed by professional waterproofing contractors is to protect it from the effects of water and moisture that can seep and leak through the small cracks in your wall and roof. By having them waterproofed with waterproofing membranes, you are protecting them from the effects of the water and thus saving your business.

Protects Against Structural Damage

What can water do if it does seep into the cracks? Well, how it usually goes is that the water continuously expands inside the walls or roof and creates pockets of water and air within them which will cause more cracks to form especially if they are not fully waterproofed and if you have any damaged plumbing which can produce water drippings, and those cracks can cause serious structural damage to the building. By having it worked on by professionals, you can avoid any huge damage to your building and the hassle of having it completely fixed. And on top of that, professional waterproofing contractors can help identify possible hazards and wet areas that could potentially pose a problem shortly.

Building Regulations

Getting waterproofing done on your building by professional waterproofing contractors is just normal regulation for any commercial building in Granville, NSW. From the building’s rooftop to its drainage systems, all of them must be checked by professional waterproofing experts so they can all be up to code.

Creates A Suitable Environment

Having the building waterproofed by professional waterproofing contractors doesn’t just make it so that the building is safe from water-based structural damages or unwanted or hazardous growths like mold and other fungi from growing thus it makes sure that the building is a suitable and safe environment to work in.

Cost Saving

Now that you don’t need to worry about having your buildings slowly destroyed from the inside out with the help of the waterproofing contractors, you can have the peace of mind to know that you will save a fortune on all the repairs you would have had to pay for if you hadn’t waterproofed your residential and commercial buildings.

Service Areas Covered By GJK Waterproofing Services In Granville, NSW

Wondering what else we offer, from the more mundane and easy tasks like installing internal and external waterproofing plumbing systems, basement waterproofing, bathroom waterproofing, and tile caulking that our specialists can do in their sleep, to the more eccentric and niche services we offer like swimming pool waterproofing, retaining walls waterproofing, and even planter box waterproofing? We provide a wide range of services, and because we are so adaptable at work, there is no job we can’t handle. With our teams of dedicated waterproofing experts, we can give you waterproofing solutions in Granville in no time.
Here are all the services that we offer to the good people of Granville.

Waterproofing Contractor in Granville

Is Waterproofing a Necessity in Bathrooms

The short answer would be yes. Since the bathroom is one of the most exposed areas of the building, other than the roof, it stands to reason to have proper installation there as the first line of defense against any probable water damage that can occur. If waterproofers do not provide proper installation of waterproofing systems or membranes, then it can lead to a host of other problems, the worst of which is the environment that creates mold. Mold can cause harmful respiratory diseases that can be dangerous to the health of your employees. Not only that, but it can cause concrete cancer in the surrounding materials, causing the surrounding wood structure, even plywood, to warp and compromise the structural integrity of the building.

How GJK Waterproofing Services Can Help Your Commercial Building In Granville, NSW

With commercial waterproofing in Granville, NSW, being hard to come by these days, GJK Waterproofing Services has you covered when it comes to all things waterproofed. We can help you protect and guard your commercial building against the constant threats that Mother Nature has to offer. By sealing off cracks in the walls, we can prevent the spread of even more tiny fissures that can devastate your buildings and deem them unsafe for use. By installing external waterproofing systems, we can make sure that the buildings that you have built will stand for decades without failing. And with the use of internal waterproofing devices and systems, we can ensure that no harm will come to your machines and appliances when literal storms rage on in the outside world.
So what are you waiting for? You can reach us through our email, info@gjkwaterproofing.com.au. Contact us today!

What Makes Us The Best Professional Waterproofing Service Provider In Granville, NSW?

If you’re still on the fence about why we’re the best of the best when it comes to waterproofing, then here are even more reasons to trust us to keep your commercial building safe.

Diverse Location

With locations all over Granville, we are always near wherever you are and ready to respond to your calls.

Leak Free Guarantee

With years of service and hundreds of hours of practice, we have developed techniques to make sure no water will leak into your homes, and that’s a GJK guarantee.

Best Quality

With hundreds of satisfied customers who can attest to the top quality of our service, we provide it. You can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

Industry Experts

As one of the biggest waterproofing companies this side of Sydney, we have a team of experts who have developed their skills throughout the years to serve the people in our community.

Guaranteed To Last

A normal waterproofing job will only last you a few years at best, but our services guarantee that it will take more than a decade before you need to worry about reapplying a new coat of water repellent.


Time is the name of the game. With our waterproofing specialists, we strive to do your building’s waterproofing in record time without cutting any corners or failing in what we seek and do best.

Affordable Price

Competitive pricing and affordable packages are what attract new customers to our services. Call us now and see which of our multiple services are carried out by some of the best waterproofing contractors in Gladesville.

With Over 10+ Years of Experience

Our waterproofing specialists have developed their skills and honed them to be considered masters in their craft.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Expert Waterproofing Contractors in Granville?

What if I told you that one of the most crucial ways you can help protect your commercial or even residential buildings in Granville would not cost you an arm and a leg? Compared to the other methods that have similar effects, waterproofing is one of the cheapest ways to keep your buildings standing for years to come. On average, you can be expected to spend around $320–$1000 (averaging $32 per square meter). But this price isn’t set in stone. Some contractors can charge you as little as $32 per square meter and as much as $50, all depending on where their services are needed. And these prices can vary from state to state. And some unprofessional contractors can charge even more to their inexperienced customers.

But with us here at GJK Waterproofing Services, you can rest assured that the prices we give you will be as fair and competitive as those of other companies.

Frequently Asked Question

Is waterproofing important in my home?

Yes, waterproofing is a crucial way to protect not just your business but also your home from the unpredictable weather outside.

Does rainwater affect the integrity of the building?

Of course, it can. The main purpose of waterproofing is to completely protect your commercial building from any water-based problems that can come from the weather.

Can You Make Waterproof Concrete In Granville?

Yes. By mixing some concrete into the solution, the whole mixture will be more durable and will last a bit longer.

Can You Paint Over Waterproofing Membranes?

Yes, you can, but you need to wait a little bit over 48 hours to do so.

When Should I Schedule an Inspection for my Waterproofed Building?

It is advisable to have your commercial building inspected by a waterproofing contractor every two years to check the job’s quality and see if it is effective in keeping water out.